Can we find out before my appointment if my insurance company will cover the charges?

a: Every patient is different and has different needs. Dr. Greenberg can schedule the consultation and exam only and determine if the oral appliance therapy would be the proper treatment for your sleep apnea. He will have a copy of your sleep study from your pulmonary physician to help with his decision. The patient is responsible for paying a consult and exam fee at the first appointment. Our office will submit a claim to the insurance company for the consult and exam and at the same time, a request for pre-authorization for the remaining procedures. A copy of your sleep study will be sent with both to show the medical necessity.

How much does the oral appliance cost?

a: In most cases, under $3,000.00 which is similar to the CPAP. This cost includes: consultation/exam, panorex x-ray, range of motion measurements, and the oral appliance. This also includes up to three months of adjustments and re-evaluation that may be needed after insertion.

Does Dr. Greenberg accept my insurance?

a: This treatment is billed directly to the patient's medical insurance provider. It is not covered under dental insurance. Our office participates with most insurance carriers including Blue Cross, MVP, and others.

How long does it take to get authorization from my insurance company?

a: New York State requires that a review by your insurance carrier take no more than 30-45 days.

How long does it take to get the appliance after the authorization is received or after the impressions are taken?

a: Once the impressions have been taken it takes approximately three weeks for the appliance to be ready for insertion.

What is the success rate for using oral appliances?

a: The success rate is actually based on patient compliance and motivation. In most cases patients are very pleased with the results within the first month of use.

How long does the oral appliance last?

a: The oral appliances have a life expectancy of two years with everyday wear. Many appliances have lasted four to six years. A large part depends on the patient and the way the appliance is cared for.

How often do I need to return to the office for follow-up care?

a: We recommend every patient be seen once a year after initial insertion and titration.

Do I need a follow-up sleep study or evaluation?

a: Follow-up letters are sent to all your treating physicians. Your sleep physician will re-evaluate your results and determine if a follow-up sleep study is warranted.


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