Dear Gary:


It has been nearly four months since I received the Herbst device for my sleep apnea problem. As I told you the day after receiving it, it has radically improved the quality of my life. I use it faithfully every night and would not get a full night’s sleep without it.


For a few years, I had had an increasing problem with snoring. The snoring was bad enough to have to sleep in a room by myself. I did not know I also had sleep apnea until an episode of high altitude sickness led me to get a sleep study.


I was unaware of the three possible treatment options for sleep apnea and snoring, with the most commonly recommended being CPAP, with palatal surgery and oral appliance being less commonly tried initially. I knew that the surgery would be my last choice, and that the CPAP, even if it cured the sleep apnea, would be uncomfortable and because of its noise, still likely require me to sleep in a room by myself. These were the major factors in my seeking out your services in fitting me for the Herbst device.


On December 18, 1995 I picked up the device from you. It needed only a minor adjustment for a perfect and comfortable fit. The next day I woke up with no grogginess and went the whole day without the need for a single cup of coffee! Also, since it eliminated my snoring, my snoring no longer kept my wife awake, and I did not need to sleep in a separate room. A recent follow-up sleep study showed no snoring and a great reduction in my sleep apnea.


You can see how, when such a device works, it can result in a tremendous improvement in not only health, but quality of life. I realize this type of device may not work for all patients with sleep apnea and snoring, but I am sure there are many whom it would benefit if given a chance. The cost is comparable to, or even less than the other options, as far as I can tell. I would never leave home without it now that I can greatly reduce my sleep apnea, totally eliminate my snoring, and enjoy life better than had been possible for a long time. My major concern now is that if any damage or loss occurs, a backup appliance would take a few weeks to obtain! I am very glad I found out about your work in this area and remain grateful for your quality services. THANKS!





Jerrold L. Abraham, MD








Gary Greenberg, DMD, F.A.G.D.

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